Making the right marketing channel decisions

Reading Time: 1 minute   Q&A feature for Insider South West, June 2019   Successful marketing happens when you send the right message to the right people at the right time. Delivering that message via the right marketing communications channel is also critical.  What actually is a marketing communications channel? A marketing communications channel, sometimes called a media channel,… Read more

Review: Social Media Week New York 2019

Reading Time: 1 minute Social Media Week (SMW) is one of the world’s premier conferences and industry news platforms for professionals in media, marketing and technology. As a staff writer I get to attend events (sometimes virtually) and write up some key takeaways. Here’s my articles from Social Media Week New York, May 2019.   GDPR: Tips for the… Read more

Why you should always put strategy before tactics

Reading Time: 1 minute   Q&A feature for Insider South West, May 2019   What is the difference between strategy and tactics? These two terms are misused and confused in many different ways. Strategy is the top-level decision-making and planning that will ensure all day-to-day activities contribute to business goals. Tactics are the practical things you do each day… Read more

How to use social media when you’re attending an event

Reading Time: 1 minute Guest blog for Social Media Week Bristol   When you’ve decided to invest your time in attending an event, it’s important to maximise every opportunity you can to get the most out of it. For starters, why not let your network know that you’ve booked your place. Immediately you will get recognised for your commitment… Read more

How to write a great marketing plan

Reading Time: 1 minute Writing a marketing plan is often overlooked because it seems a simple task. I spoke to Molly Raycraft at B2B Marketing about why it requires more than a half-hearted effort. When it comes to planning, Luan Wise is somewhat of an anomaly – in that she actually enjoys it. “It’s my favourite part of marketing… Read more

How to use awareness days for great social media content

Reading Time: 2 minutes Awareness days, weeks or months are set up by individuals and organisations to mark an occasion or to raise money for a charity/cause. There’s an awareness day for anything and everything you could possibly think of (and many you could not even imagine), from health campaigns and celebrating key people in history to anything food… Read more