A practical guide to setting and achieving your social media marketing goals

Planning for Success

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Discover how to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape and unleash its full marketing potential. From setting meaningful goals to understanding your target audience and analysing your competition, this book equips you with the essential tools for success.

Learn to captivate your audience through compelling storytelling, create content calendars, and optimise your activity for maximum impact. By the end of this book, you will know how to measure what matters and be ready to handle any potential crisis with confidence.


In November 2016 I self-published the book Relax! It’s Only Social Media, which went on to win a National Indie Excellence Award. This book was intended to be a second edition, to bring the text up to date. Little did I know that what I initially envisioned as simple changes would turn into an entirely new book.

I started planning this book in 2019, with the idea of publishing in 2020. Well, I don’t think anything went to plan during the unprecedented global pandemic. I think, and hope, that the delay has made this book better and more relevant than ever.

Relax! now represents a collection of my knowledge from 2016, while Planning for Success embodies everything I have learned since then, through working with clients, conducting training courses, and immersing myself in reading and observation.

I also asked for reader feedback and am hugely grateful to those that got involved in focus groups to discuss the first book, and requirements for a second. I hope I’ve responded to every one of the requests!

The book also includes research conducted in partnership with Professor Laura Chamberlain at Warwick Business School. We asked UK marketers to complete online surveys and participate in qualitative interviews, in 2020 and 2022.

Planning for Success is not a ‘how to’ guide. I can’t tell you exactly what to do, but I can hopefully show you an approach and help you find answers to your questions. I have tried to provide a ‘one-page social media marketing plan’ framework that will remain relevant, regardless of the dynamic nature of the social media landscape.


  • Chapter 1: Understanding the ever-changing social media landscape
  • Chapter 2: Setting meaningful social media goals and objectives
  • Chapter 3: Defining your target audience
  • Chapter 4: Examining the social media competition
  • Chapter 5: Creating a social media content calendar
  • Chapter 6: Maximising your social media marketing efforts
  • Chapter 7: Understanding the measurements that matter
  • Chapter 8: Balancing the benefits and risks of social media

At the end of each chapter, you will find a list of recommended actions to help you build a one-page social media marketing plan.

Supporting materials

Coming soon

  • Download PDF: LinkedIn Success: The Ultimate Guide to Perfecting Your Profile
  • Download PDF: Guide to Native Social Media Analytics

LinkedIn Live Discussions

In preparation for the book launch I hosted a series of events, hosted live on LinkedIn, to discuss some of the key topics. You can watch the recordings/read a summary of each session via the links below:

Book Interviews

Here’s a list of links to recorded interviews and podcasts where I talk about the book, and my book writing journey


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