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Are you spending more time than you can afford trying to master and implement your organisation’s social media marketing?

I can help.

I can answer your fears, take away the complexities and guide you on ways of working with the various social media marketing platforms that are both efficient and effective. 

I don’t specialise in any industry as I have broad knowledge and experiences to share – from household cleaning products to legal services. However, I will not work directly with competitive organisations simultaneously.

As an experienced consultant, I offer project-based support providing social media audits and competitive benchmarking reports.

I typically work with clients in two ways – social media consultancy sessions that focus on resolving specific challenges or as a retained partner to advise your business regularly.

For social media management, content creation and community management services, I partner with Cheltenham-based agency Target PR. 



Social Media Marketing Consultancy for Your Organisation

If you need help understanding, managing, and getting the most from your social media channels, take a look at the three options below.

Luan Wise

Social Media Marketing Success Sessions


If you’re facing a specific social media marketing challenge, let’s navigate it together.

Whether we’re refining your choice of platforms, optimising your LinkedIn profile, or troubleshooting some tactics, a tailored one-to-one consultancy session will help you define and achieve success on social media.

Social Media & Content Excellence Audit


A social media audit isn’t just about what you’re doing now; it’s about uncovering the potential for what you could achieve in the future through meticulous examination, data-driven insights and recommendations from experienced industry professionals.

The audit will dive deep into your current use of social media and content practices, taking a diagnostic approach to evaluate your social media presence and the content you’re sharing.

Social Media Competitive Benchmarking


Stay ahead in 2024 with a social media competitive benchmarking report and thrive by understanding your market position, identifying areas for improvement, and adapting to emerging trends in your industry.

The report will provide a detailed analysis that benchmarks your social media performance against industry peers, competitors, and/or aspirational organisations to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your future activity.

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