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Social Media and Content Excellence Audit

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Elevate Your Social Media Presence: The Social Media and Content Excellence Audit

Welcome to the start of a transformative journey – the Social Media and Content Excellence Audit – a meticulous review designed to elevate your social media activity and drive results for your organisation.

To deliver a robust and highly detailed audit, I am collaborating with digital transformation strategist, Roger Jones. Together we will bring a wealth of expertise to guide you through a comprehensive assessment of your current approach and understanding of future trends.

What is a Social Media and Content Excellence Audit?

Our audit dives deep into your current use of social media and content practices. From platform analysis to online safety, we evaluate every element of your social media presence and the content you’re sharing, both behind the scenes within your organisation, and from the perspective of your target audience.

The audit isn’t just about what you’re doing now; it’s about uncovering the potential for what you could achieve in the future through data-driven insights.

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Benefits of the Audit

  • Strategic Insight: Gain a clear understanding of your current use of social media and its effectiveness. We will identify strengths to leverage, weaknesses to address, opportunities to harness, and threats to mitigate.
  • Enhanced Safety: Safeguard your online presence with a security check to ensure you know who has access to your accounts (and at what level), and what information you are sharing, with whom. We will review and advise on policies for social media use within your organisation, the role of AI and crisis management.
  • Audience Understanding: A check to ensure you are communicating with the right audiences on the right social media platforms. We will score the likelihood of your target audiences ability to discover your accounts via their set-up and content pillars. We will provide recommendations for building your followers, increasing engagement and driving relevant actions from your social media presence.
  • Best Practice Alignment: Ensure your approach aligns with industry best practices. We’ll evaluate your account structures, optimise profile set-up, and review against accessibility standards.
  • Content Performance: Identify the best-performing content and ideas for exploration. We will help you define compelling content pillars, and formulate an effective posting cadence for future activity.
  • Review, Test and Learn: Elevate your social media presence by establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting templates tailored to your business plan. We will help you track and measure success along with recommended ‘test and learn’ frameworks allowing for data-driven decision-making.

What’s Included in the Social Media and Content Excellence Audit

  • Platform Analysis: Evaluate your choice of social media platforms to meet your defined goals
  • Account Structure Evaluation: A review of your social media account set-up and use of multiple accounts
  • Security Check: A review of your profile settings and account access/administration roles and responsibilities
  • Organic Content Review: Assess the impact and relevance of your current content
  • Audience Analysis: Understanding your audience so you can increase reach, engagement and results
  • Social Search Readiness: Optimising your profiles and posts to maximise the opportunity for discoverability by your target audiences.
  • Best Practice Alignment: Ensure your approach exceeds industry expectations.

Output of the Audit

  • SWOT Analysis and Gap Identification: Understand your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, along with actionable insights to bridge the gaps.
  • KPI Dashboard and Reporting Templates: Streamline your tracking with personalised key performance indicators reporting templates, and testing frameworks.
  • Key Recommendations: Receive tailored suggestions for optimisation and future growth, backed by the expertise of Luan Wise and Roger Jones.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost?

    From £5,200+VAT

Following a discovery call, we will confirm the cost of your Social Media and Content Excellence Audit based on your specific requirements and the number of social media platforms to be reviewed.

  • How many platforms are included in the audit?

The Social Media and Content Excellence Audit includes your activity on up to three social media platforms; LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Threads, TikTok and/or YouTube. Further platforms can be audited, for an additional cost.

  • Do you audit LinkedIn Company Pages or Individual Profiles?

The Social Media and Content Excellence Audit includes an audit of your LinkedIn Company Page. Individual profiles can be reviewed at an additional cost.

  • What does the audit process involve?

The process includes a detailed analysis of your current social media and content practices, audience engagement, and performance metrics. Following the confirmation of your audit requirements we will require access to your social media accounts (usernames and passwords), plus access to social media management tools and Google Analytics.

  • How long does the audit take?

It takes 6.5 days to conduct a Social Media and Content Excellence Audit. However, the information should have time to filter in our minds and we like to allow time for reflection and discussion before we make our recommendations. We therefore recommend allowing a minimum of 3 weeks for the audit from start to presentation. We will discuss potential start dates during the discovery call, and suggest scheduling an interim call to discuss any questions that might arise during the data collection stage.

  • How will the audit be presented?

The findings of the audit will be presented in a document, via an online meeting (up to 2 hours). The session can be recorded for internal use. You decide on the most relevant attendees at this meeting; just let us know who will be in the room!

  • What happens if we’re not currently active on a social media platform, for example, TikTok?

As we review your existing social media presence, we will take into consideration opportunities for the use of additional social media platforms. We may also recommend that you stop using some existing social media platforms. This will be driven by an understanding of your objectives and target audiences.

  • Is the audit a one-time service, or can it be ongoing?

The audit is a one-time report, but we offer ongoing consultation and training to implement the recommendations if required. We would recommend a yearly review, and offer clients a discount for annual audits.

  • Who is carrying out the audit?

The audit is carried out collaboratively by Luan Wise and Roger Jones.

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