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Over the past 25 years I’ve worked as a marketing professional and social media consultant across both B2B and B2C, in sectors including office supplies, postal services, telecoms, recruitment, facilities management, manufacturing, higher education and professional services.

I’ve also had the opportunity to provide social media and marketing training to thousands of business professionals across the world via face-to-face and online courses.

Here’s some kind words shared by a few of the people I’ve met.


I had the pleasure of attending Luan Wise's insightful session on leveraging social media for recruitment at the recent Global HR Summit in Istanbul. Luan's expertise in this area was evident from the moment she began speaking, as she shared practical strategies and real-world examples that left the audience inspired and equipped with actionable takeaways.
Luan's deep understanding of social media platforms and their potential for attracting top talent was truly impressive. She walked us through a series of case studies, demonstrating how companies across various industries have successfully utilised social media to build their employer brand, engage with potential candidates, and streamline their recruitment processes.I highly recommend Luan Wise as a speaker and thought leader in the realm of social media and recruitment. Her session at the Global HR Summit was a true highlight, and I have no doubt that any organisation would benefit greatly from her expertise and insights. If you're looking to take your recruitment strategies to the next level and tap into the vast potential of social media, Luan is the person to turn to.

Elizabeth Solaru, CEO, Diversity in Luxury

“We asked Luan to help our scientists get the most from LinkedIn. She worked methodically to establish what was needed and deliver this through benchmarking, a face-to-face workshop and a series of e-modules targeted at individuals needs. As a result we saw our LinkedIn presence grow dramatically with a doubling in traffic from LinkedIn to our website. This just wouldn’t have happened without Luan as the catalyst.”

Leighton Jones, Head of Marketing & Communications,Campden BRI Group

“I met Luan at a networking lunch and was impressed by her short talk on LinkedIn. I asked Luan to assist me with my personal profile and company page. Within a couple of hours, the profiles were updated and all my questions were answered. Since receiving Luan’s support my use of LinkedIn has been more confident and I know that I can call upon her to offer practical advice on social media for business.”

Frank Smith, Managing Partner, Frank Smith & Co Solicitors

“I worked with Luan to build my LinkedIn profile. I needed to re-define my online story to fit with my executive coaching and corporate governance proposition. Via face-to-face meetings, and regular Skype calls Luan took time to understand my objectives and provided a step-by-step plan to gather information to update my profile. Luan also provided both strategic and practical advice on how to build, manage and engage with my contacts (old and new).

As a coach myself I understand the value of one-to-one advice, and Luan clearly demonstrated her expertise in the the area of LinkedIn. She was a great choice in helping me take my use of LinkedIn to the next level.”

Peter Giblin, Executive Coach and Visiting Professor

“Luan’s marketing knowledge is second to none and it’s her understanding of the sales process and her ability to work well within and for a sales team that sets her apart. She’s patient, always willing to contribute and I really miss working alongside her, but know that she will be an attribute to any business that wants to raise their profile (and their game!)”

Guy Cliffe, Business Development Manager

“Luan has an amazing ability to seek out an opportunity and make it happen – she does this exceptionally well for her clients across B2B and B2C, and across digital and traditional marketing channels. She’s strategic, well versed, great to be around and delivers good work.”

Nicola Ray, B2B Agency Leader

“Although my business was doing really well and I didn’t feel anything was ‘broken’, I knew that I was probably missing a few tricks and if I wanted to get the most out of my marketing then it made sense for me to hire a real expert.

I had three one-hour Skype sessions with Luan in total and, after setting me some initial pre-consultation homework, she set about helping me align my content and products to my audience personas and ensuring all my content and social media messages were on message.

It all made perfect sense and since implementing the advice and then setting it up to go out as evergreen marketing, I’ve not only seen sales and engagement rise, I’ve been freed up to stop chasing my tail and worrying if I was doing the right things because I now KNOW I am and can focus on creating more content and courses.

My business is far more successful since I asked Luan to take a look over my existing efforts. It was the best money I have ever spent and I wish I’d hired her sooner.”

Joanne Munro, The VA Handbook

“Getting into freelancing was something I wanted to do for a long time but it was hard to find real advice on how to get there and make it work from people actually doing it. Finding a mentor like Luan was very lucky because she has such a solid range of experience not just in freelancing but also in both agency and client-side roles. Together we have put together a plan on moving into more freelancing work and set the wheels in motion. Luan’s guidance keeps me on track too, especially in difficult times, and has been a great mentor with her feedback and advice on the challenges along the way. If you are looking for a great mentor on marketing then I really recommend Luan Wise.”

Benjamin Boman, Freelance Digital Project Manager

“I have been fortunate enough to attend many social media courses run by Luan and have always come away armed with ideas and strategies to move my business forward. Recently I was lured to Switzerland by a large financial services company so I asked Luan for her help to devise a LinkedIn strategy which would get me off to a flying start! I’m now based in Basel and so grateful to Luan for her help – my business is already flourishing and without her intuitive advice and training I would genuinely have struggled to get things off the ground. Not only has she made a huge impact on my business but we also had a lot of fun along the way. Thank you Luan”

Karen Hine, Associate Wealth Consultant, deVere Group

“I have attended several of the courses held by Luan and boy does she know her stuff! She made me fall in love with Instagram and I have had work come in because of using that platform. It’s nice to meet other small business owners too and I’m still in touch with several of the ones I met on the courses. Luan is lovely and you can ask her just about anything!! Highly recommended!!!”

Kerry Scorah, Magician

“I approached Luan for marketing support and guidance within my first year of becoming a business owner. I knew of Luan through a mutual business connection where she is very highly respected. So much so, I bought her book “Relax! It’s only social media”. It planted the seed for what was to become an invaluable tool to managing my business going forward. When she published the Social Media Planner I bought it immediately and attended a small group workshop. For anybody experiencing the same mist and fog as I did when the term ‘Social Media’ was mentioned, I cannot recommend Luan highly enough. She is a no-nonsense marketing professional and will challenge you to think about your business and reach your own conclusions, but with her wealth of experience to guide you there. Luan is one of the most supportive, down to earth professionals I have had the pleasure of working with for a very long time.”

Shirley Cottam, Virtual Office Box

“Luan is extremely approachable and worked with us to create and deliver an internal programme of LinkedIn training. For our team, she shared all the features of LinkedIn we needed to know about (and more), highlighted how there’s nothing to be scared of and also how we could practically use LinkedIn within a limited amount of time. She continues to be our go-to source of information about social media and all the changes that take place. It’s great to know that Luan is always happy to answer any questions that we might have too.”

Rachael Harvey, Marketing Co Ordinator, Huber Technology

Just the best! If you want someone who really knows their stuff then Luan is your women! Brilliantly knowledgeable not just from a social side but really thinks about the results and the business end which is what makes her unique.

Henny Maltby

Luan has (so far!) delivered two separate and equally impressive Zoom training sessions for the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) in the South West and both have been invaluable, insightful and very, very well received. Talking first about LinkedIn and then Twitter, Luan's calm, friendly and very professional style went over very well indeed and she clearly knows how to pitch it (as we had asked) so that everyone from those who love their social media to complete novices felt included, informed and energised. The subsequent response and reaction to two extremely well-attended events was incredibly positive so I would have no hesitation in recommending Luan for any social media meetings/events/training. She knows her stuff, she knows how to share it and she is a very likable, credible and enthusiastic presenter.

Sam Holliday, Development Manager (Gloucestershire and the West of England), Federation of Small Businesses

Having benefitted from Luan’s social media for business course back in 2014, I knew exactly who to turn to when it came to training management and commercial colleagues a few years later. From the outset Luan assisted with planning the sessions helping us to focus on ‘why’ we were embracing social media and the outcomes desired. When it came to the practicalities Luan explained the functionality of the key social media platforms simply and concisely. In addition to years of practical experience across a variety of sectors, Luan’s know-how is grounded in theory which comes through in the logical and structured nature of her advice.

Luan’s pre-event preparation means her training sessions are wholly relevant to the business. Learning is re-enforced through beneficial course materials delivered in class and subsequently emailed post-event. Luan explains the possibilities of social media in a straightforward, ease to understand manner with lots of top tips on the day and a wealth of online resources to draw on afterwards. At the end of the session delegates leave with action points designed to enhance their knowledge and confidence.

Luan is continually updating her own knowledge and skills regarding social media and I personally find it useful to participate in one of her regular webinars/courses to keep on top of the latest developments.

Louise Aplin

"Absolutely brilliant session again, I would recommend Luan’s sessions to anyone in a social media role. The sessions always make me think differently about social media, make me look at data in new ways and I always leave with a list of sites to use. Both sessions I have done with Luan have been extremely valuable."

Christina McAlpine, NHS Education for Scotland

​"The [Social Media for Universities] session was absolutely fantastic. It was a great foundational overview of social media use, best practise and effective strategy especially targeted for HE intuitions. Excellent guests as well as an engaging trainer, Luan!

Alice Foulkes, University of Exeter

“As the Seminar Executive for the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce, I asked Luan to deliver a 1 hour seminar on social media, aimed at Chamber members and other local business. These are 1 hour sessions of useful advice for businesses. Luan delivered a significant amount of information in this hour, helping attendees focus their time when using social media. It was clear, interactive, and contained many suggestions for useful tools. I would be happy to recommend Luan and hope to work with her again in the future. Thanks!”

Tracey Adams, Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce

“I met Luan several years ago on the marketing circuit in Gloucestershire. From day one I was impressed and have an enormous amount of respect for her.

Having attended several events and heard Luan’s talks, each one leaves you with some really good take home advice which can be easily adopted.

Luan has very high emotional intelligence and can easily put a person at ease, whether junior or executive. Some of the topics about social media are still hard to discuss but this woman knows her stuff!

Her presentations are creative and engaging. Plus she also makes sure she is available after to discuss any points. She has always been my go to person for social media topics and is happy to impart her knowledge.

What I really like about Luan is her collaborative nature as she organises many marketing meet ups and trainings, often for a nominal fee or for free.”

Helen Christopher, International B2B Marketing Leader

“It’s not just the theory – it’s the practical applications and how they can result in real competitive advantage and deliver a return on investment which makes the services Luan provides so valuable.”

Andrew Buffrey, Regional Manager,DMA West and Wales

"Luan never failed to deliver over and above our requirements. She has an infectious enjoyment of her work which is apparent in all she does. Excellent communication meant I always felt in control of any project in which she was involved.”

Sarah Sedgwick, National Franchise Manager, LivingWell Health Clubs, Hilton

“Luan worked with us in supporting our mission to ensure that no one has a bad cup of coffee at work. From supporting the development of our website to talking to prospective customers at a corporate exhibition, Luan provided marketing advice and valued support. She was quick to respond with both big and small creative ideas, and helped us to make them happen and improve our bottom-line results.”

Richard Doherty, Managing Director, The Office Coffee Company

“I attended one of Luan’s session on LinkedIn at a recent conference thinking that as a regular user of LinkedIn I already knew quite a lot. It turns out, I had a lot to learn. Luan’s session was fantastic; really engaging and informative. I wrote down lots of hints and tips and applied them. Within a day I had more views, invitations and a meeting all from making some simple but effective changes. Thank you.”

Debbie Scott

“I took on board what you said and did indeed edit my summary in particular and added my email in which has already led me to receive an email about a placement so thank you very much!”

Amber Pinkerton, Undergraduate

"I found this [content marketing fundamentals] course really helpful – it cemented my basic content marketing knowledge as well as provided me with advanced best practises and confidence to present a new content strategy plan to my manager!”

Rachael Richardson-Bullock, SocialSignIn

“Thanks to your books and online resources we have been able to understand exactly what it is that we are doing that works and so improve on it week-by-week. I read your book over Christmas as I needed inspiration and guidance to be able to formulate a social media marketing plan. Working through your books and worksheets to produce a tailor-made social media plan meant that we revisited everything that we had ever done or thought about our product and our customers. We reflected on everything that we did and how best to market ourselves to drive qualified leads to our website and then through to emails. We recognised our ‘sales funnel’. We learned what platforms to focus on to reach our audience. The results have been just great. There are many stats that demonstrate our plan has worked, profile views on LinkedIn, followers on Facebook etc, but the bottom line is just that. We are now well on the way to having achieved what we set out to do in January.”

Peter Hayes, IH Manchester

“I came to Luan with a business issue which she helped me solve. I work for a University so I have many colleagues who want to be seen as an expert for what they teach and research. She suggested LinkedIn training so that they had the confidence to regularly post and be seen both by fellow academics but more importantly, industry professionals. Luan gave an excellent workshop, full of tips about how to be seen. The university has now got many active LinkedIn users thanks to Luan which helps to promote all that we do.”

Liz Murphy, Associate Dean, Marketing & Student Recruitment, Coventry University

“Luan has great skill in identifying and advising on social media content that will resonate and engage. From looking at data and strong use of analytics, Luan was able to guide and fuse real-time events with my global experience to support, advise, inform and delight my worldwide following to enhance brand, resonance and personal impact. Over a period of 18 months (March 2020 to September 2021), we planned our approach, developed a personal website, and ideated and co-created over 500 LinkedIn posts, including daily updates, monthly newsletters, pre-recorded videos, and live panel interviews (using LinkedIn Live).

Luan is highly dedicated to her work; she’s an experienced writer, is super organised, and has strong attention to detail, all whilst juggling high volumes of content. She has a clear sense of what works, is an extremely knowledgeable marketer, a highly professional businesswoman who is open to new approaches, tools and media. I learned much in working with Luan and have no hesitation in recommending her to other businesses and individuals.”

Harriet Green OBE

I've worked with Luan several times over the years in my (voluntary) capacity of organising and putting on various events for the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. I have asked her to speak at a events for members in Gloucestershire, for Members in Practice in the South West and, most recently, for the Members in Practice conference.

Luan knows her subject inside out. She is able to communicate in a clear way to people of varying levels of expertise so that everyone gets something out of it. Every talk contain titbits of information - any one of which can make a difference. For me what stands out is that what she does extends well beyond the talk - she provides tips that people can apply straight away to eg make their LinkedIn profile work better.
She is an engaging speaker and always gets good feedback from delegates.

Jonathan Nicholls

Luan provided a 45 minute session on improving your use of LinkedIn, including Q&As. This was for a whole different range of LI abilities and yet was delivered in a way that would have helped all attendees I'm sure. She recognised that such a limited session needed to focus on the key areas that could give the biggest (and easiest) improvements and the messaging was very clear. Good reading available afterwards to help support attendees with taking practical actions. Answers to Qs were on point, succinct and delivered with good context.

Mark Tomlinson

Luan delivered a fantastic LinkedIn workshop for International Benefits Network. She hit just the right note: making the subject simple enough for beginners and also giving plenty of insights for the more experienced social media users in the group. Feedback from our consultants was really positive - everyone got something from Luan's workshop.

Sally Hart

"I have had the pleasure of working with Luan Wise over the last 5 years as she has delivered numerous LinkedIn workshops for my students in both Masters programs at WMG and recent MBA alumni from WBS, University of Warwick. Her sessions on building a professional presence and growing one's network on LinkedIn have been consistently insightful, engaging, and up-to-date.

Luan has an incredible ability to thoroughly teach attendees key strategies for creating an impactful LinkedIn profile, connecting with professionals in their fields, and effectively interacting on the platform. The students and alumni who have participated in her workshops have gained immensely valuable skills for boosting their employability and career development through LinkedIn.

I have seen Luan demonstrating deep knowledge of best practices on LinkedIn along with an engaging and thoughtful teaching style. My students have consistently given rave reviews of her sessions. I am confident in recommending Luan as an invaluable LinkedIn expert and trainer for equipping professionals with critical networking and career advancement skills.

Always a pleasure working with you, Luan!"

Konstantina Dee, University of Warwick

“We first asked Luan to provide LinkedIn training as part of a personal development programme. Luan completed personalised LinkedIn profile audits, ran a webinar for team members to hear top tips and ask questions, all complementing her detailed ‘Getting Started with LinkedIn’ e-learning course.

We have since asked Luan to support our business development team, again with personalised profile audits, webinars and the advanced ‘Getting Results from LinkedIn’ e-learning course. Luan is easy to work with and the courses have been highly praised by everyone who has taken them.”

Jess Putt, Marketing Manager, British Gas Business

“I don’t believe I’ve ever worked with a brighter, more enthusiastic, more dedicated person than Luan. She is one of the best marketing people out there.”

Kelly Vickers, Director Meet Cambridge

“LinkedIn is an increasingly important marketing tool for business people – especially for owner/mangers of SME businesses. But it is often difficult for us to find out how best to use it to reach potential customers and contacts and get the best out of this excellent resource. Luan is a great person to have on your team to help get the best out of any of your social media. She has a raft of tips and hints to share and knows social media like the back of her hand.”

Fiona Bevan, Bevan Financial Management Ltd

“I first made contact with Luan via a LinkedIn post. In fact, I was so impressed by the blog, I asked Luan to deliver a session at one of our CommsHero events. Since then Luan has been involved as a speaker at further events and will be invited to future sessions. The feedback we’ve had from delegates was always very positive “great insight in to the marketing world”, “pitched perfectly for the target audience”, “we came away buzzing with lots of great ideas we will use in our organisation”.

Asif Choudry, Sales & Marketing Director, Resource

“Luan came to speak at our 10th annual marketing conference E-Virus 2016 in Vilnius to share her expertise in social media planning and engagement marketing. Her presentation was well received by Lithuanian marketers and overall co-operation with her as a speaker at our event was smooth and efficient.”

Giedrius Ciupaila, CEO, Vilnius Conference Centre

“I thought I knew a lot about LinkedIn. However, Luan’s knowledge on the practical uses of LinkedIn and social media in general, have taught me lots and allowed me to use social media platforms in an even better way.”

Matthew Parker, Print Consultant

“Informative, engaging and easy-to-understand, the knowledge gained from Luan’s social media training sessions has empowered many of our members to start using social media as a business generation tool. The feedback from our members has been excellent.”

Emily Hall, Marketing & Strategic Partnerships,

“I’ve found that time spent with Luan is time very well spent. She’s brilliant at demystifying the whole social media thing and making sense of it with practical ideas on what you can do next. If you want to build confidence about using LinkedIn and social media in general then I’d recommend a chat with Luan. She’s full of energy and passion for the subject and really knows her stuff.”

Jerry Angrave, Managing Director, Empathyce

“Your [social media for B2B]course has helped me and the company i work for incredibly. Our engagement and awareness has increased on all social media platforms and we are getting great feedback from internal and external sources! Thank you for your help!”

Rachael Berry, Pulse Fitness Group

“Luan was course lead on multiple professional development courses I attended in late 2018. These courses specialised in social media and content marketing. Luan was very generous with what the materials she shared during the session and I felt a genuine sense of encouragement from her. I left both courses feeling fired up to implement what I had learned. Following completion of the course, Luan kept her promise to follow up on individual action plans and I have kept in touch with the content in her newsletters. Luan is clearly a talented and knowledgeable person and I hope to work with her further in the future.”

Matt Clarke, Data Content & Insight Lead, HESA: Higher Education Statistics Agency

“Luan delivered a workshop on the power of video in social media for our Annual event this month and it was brilliant. The room was packed and we had rave reviews about the session after! Right from our first conversation, to the day of delivery, Luan kept in touch and gave me confidence that she was going to deliver for our delegates. She more than delivered. Thanks Luan, hope to work with you again soon!”

Becky Brennan, Account Director Optix Solutions

Luan did a great job as Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing CAM foundation.
This involved leading a small team of board trustees during a period of significant change
whilst working with external partners on a number of research pieces to identify the needs of marketers, and opportunities for CAM to best support them.
We were both highly active on the working party with CIM to review and agree the future direction of CAM with Luan leading as Chair and myself as Co Sec.
We worked well as team and personally and I trust her judgement and wisdom.

Colin Bradshaw

Luan did a fantastic talk to my MBA students on social media use and personal branding. The students absolutely loved it, and she really delivered value. Plus, Luan was a total pro to work with. Her stuff is brilliant and she's a really nice person as well!

Nick Lee, Professor at Warwick Business School

I cannot speak highly enough about the LinkedIn Advertising Masterclass, which was expertly taught by Luan Wise—an accomplished speaker, author, and exceptional instructor. It was a truly worthwhile investment. Despite having managed LinkedIn ads for several clients over the past three years, taking Luan's class made me realize the depth of knowledge I was missing. Her course was meticulously structured and delivered at an ideal pace. Luan introduced us to some of the latest LinkedIn features, such as LinkedIn's Ad Library, which enables you to view your competitors' ads. She comprehensively covered various ad formats and provided examples of when each should be deployed.”

Nancy Chou, Fractional CMO

"I've worked with Luan for over 7 years now...and with good reason! I always get impartial and highly valuable advice, even if it's not what I want to hear, it's generally what I need to hear. For me that is gold and has defined our working relationship. If you're looking for professional, capable and honest marketing, Luan should definitely be on your list to talk to."

Mark Vincent, Founder, Applied Change

Brilliant to see Luan on stage again at the Global HR Summit. Really clear, fun and useful (and not too long) presentation on social media tactics and habits we can all use in our work. Knows her stuff!

Ben Keene, Master of Ceremony

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