What are hashtags and how to use them

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Hashtags might sound complicated, but they are actually really simple. You don’t need to apply for one, you just need to add the # symbol in front of a word or group of words. Hashtags were first used on Twitter, in 2007; now you can use them on most social media platforms. It’s the… Read more

Social Media Updates 2020

Reading Time: 13 minutes The only thing that is constant, is change – particularly when it comes to social media. Every week I review a number of websites so that I can share all the changes in a weekly email newsletter, and update this blog post. They include new features, retired features, brand refreshes, financial reporting, algorithm updates and… Read more

How social media has changed during the Coronavirus crisis

Reading Time: 1 minute This article first appeared in Direct Commerce Magazine, May 2020.   The impact of the Coronavirus crisis is being felt by everyone, within every business across the world. Life has changed, and quickly, in a way that we’ve never experienced before. For retail, some categories have been impacted more than others. The UK government announced… Read more

How to use LinkedIn conversation ads for better conversions

Reading Time: 7 minutes This article first appeared on Social Media Examiner.   Wondering how to improve your marketing results on LinkedIn? Have you heard of LinkedIn Conversation Ads? In this article, you’ll discover how to use LinkedIn Conversation Ads to automate Messaging conversations that pre-qualify your leads and prospects for specific offers. What Are LinkedIn Conversation Ads? If… Read more

Twitter lists

Reading Time: 4 minutes What is a Twitter list? A list is essentially a curated feed of a limited number of accounts. They are a great way to make your Twitter newsfeed more manageable, by grouping accounts together. They can not only help you focus through the fast-paced nature of Twitter, but also help with gathering important insights, to… Read more

How to use LinkedIn ads to reach your target audience

Reading Time: 10 minutes This blog first appeared on Social Media Examiner.   Are you reaching the right audience on LinkedIn? Wondering how to better target prospects and leads with LinkedIn ads? In this article, you’ll discover how to target your ideal audience with LinkedIn advertising. #1: Use LinkedIn Audience Attributes to Describe Your Ideal Customer We know that… Read more