Social Media Week London

Reading Time: 3 minutes    I was invited to write content for the Social Media Week website, covering eight events at Social Media Week London, November 2018. Here’s my write-ups…   To win at social media you need the best stories In a world where average Facebook video view lengths are less than 2 seconds, Instagram Stories are… Read more

Personal or Professional? How to Balance Your Brand Online

Reading Time: 1 minute  Further resources: Multiple Twitter Accounts – Do You Really Need Them? Do you know what information you are sharing with your LinkedIn network? Why you and your business need to have a social media policy Also, check out my free resources for 7-day social media courses and other templates.  

Best social media conversation triggers

Reading Time: 1 minute  Guest blog for B2B Marketing When Mark Zuckerberg announced an overhaul of the Facebook newsfeed in early 2018 to prioritise ‘meaningful social interactions’, he said that “the balance of what’s in the newsfeed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do – help us connect with each other.” So, how do… Read more

Social Media Week Los Angeles

Reading Time: 2 minutes    I was invited to write content for the Social Media Week website, covering six events at Social Media Week Los Angeles, June 2018. Here’s my write-ups…   “Post With Purpose” To Achieve Results With Instagram Food52, an independent digital food publisher, began as an effort to create the very first crowdsourced cookbook in… Read more

Social Media Week New York

Reading Time: 1 minute  I love New York. So much so I even got married there. So this year I decided to take a working holiday and attend the Social Media Week New York Conference. I reviewed the first two days of the event in a Facebook Live for Enterprise Nation. You can watch it again, here. I… Read more

Social media and GDPR

Reading Time: 10 minutes  Disclaimer: GDPR is a very large and complex piece of legislation, and I am not a legal practitioner. The following information has been reviewed by a law firm and is correct on the date of publication (10th April 2018). You should seek your own legal counsel for any specific requirements. What is GDPR? The General Data… Read more