Social Media Awards – Why You Should Consider Entering

by | Feb 6, 2024

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I have had the privilege of being on the judging panel for many industry awards. It’s exciting to read the entries and debate who should win (alongside other judges). I also love to read case studies about award winners (I’ve even included some in my books!)

Why Enter Social Media Awards?

Participating in an established award event can be the ultimate recognition for any organisation and/or employee in any industry. 

1. Industry Recognition in a Rapidly Evolving Field

Social media is a dynamic and ever-changing field. New platforms, trends, and strategies emerge constantly, making it crucial for social media professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Social media awards recognise and celebrate those who demonstrate innovation, creativity, and adaptability in navigating this rapidly evolving industry. 

2. Industry Benchmarking and Best Practices

Social media awards provide a benchmark for excellence within the industry. By studying award-winning campaigns and strategies, professionals can gain valuable insights into emerging trends, best practices, and successful approaches. These awards serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for professionals to continuously improve their social media efforts. 

3. Motivation and Retention of Employees

Recognition through social media awards not only boosts your business’s reputation but also motivates and rewards your team. Being acknowledged for their hard work and dedication can increase employee satisfaction and retention. It shows that their efforts are valued and encourages them to continue excelling in their roles. I

4. Networking Opportunities 

Attending award ceremonies is also a great way to interact with like-minded individuals and network with potential clients, collaborators and influencers. By participating in these awards, you get the opportunity to showcase your work directly to your community.

5. Promotional Opportunities 

Award programs offer a range of promotional opportunities for finalists and winners. Being shortlisted alone is a significant achievement and can be used as a badge of honour in your marketing materials. Award programs often provide finalists with various assets that can be utilised to enhance your brand’s reputation and credibility. Incorporating these elements into your promotional materials not only highlights your accomplishment but also serves as an endorsement of your expertise and success. 

Here’s a few awards you might consider entering:

  • Don’t Panic – Global Social Media Awards, UK Social Media Awards

Don’t Panic takes pride in being one of the world’s most ethical and transparent awards organisers. They have developed a comprehensive and rigorous judging process to ensure fairness and confidentiality. The process consists of a two-step judging process, including remote pre-scoring and a video conference or face-to-face judging session. All their awards are judged by a diverse panel of over 200 reputable industry experts who adhere to a judging code of conduct. (Disclaimer: I am a judge for these awards).

  • CIM Global Marketing Excellence Awards

The CIM Global Marketing Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding global marketing achievements. These awards emphasise the importance of maintaining high standards of quality and integrity while honouring the innovation and creativity demonstrated by marketers who push the boundaries of their profession.

  • PRCA Dare Awards

A campaign I worked on with Target PR won the PRCA DARE Awards (Low Budget category) for Dishmatic’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. You can read about the campaign, here

  • CIPR Excellence Awards

The CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Awards is regarded as the industry’s leading PR awards scheme, dedicated to recognising and honouring the exceptional work of public relations practitioners worldwide. These prestigious awards celebrate the achievements and contributions made by professionals in the field of PR, showcasing the impact they have on organisations, brands, and society as a whole. For social media managers who play a pivotal role in shaping and executing PR strategies in the digital landscape, the CIPR Awards offer a valuable opportunity to showcase their skills, expertise, and successful campaigns. 

  • PRCA Dare Awards

The PRCA DARE Awards seek out and reward the very best PR and communications professionals, decided by a panel of highly respected industry experts across eight regions. The awards are open to all parties involved in the use of PR for communications purposes across the UK including PR consultancies, in-house communications teams, digital agencies, marketing teams, and media owners.

A campaign I worked on with Target PR won a PRCA DARE Awards (Low Budget category). You can read about Dishmatic’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, here

  • The Drum Awards

The Drum Awards, hosted by one of the world’s leading marketing and media publishers. The Drum Awards encompass a wide range of categories that celebrate the best campaigns, companies, and individuals in the marketing industry.


If you’re ready to enter your work for an industry award, check out my judge’s advice on writing your entry, here


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