Social Media Week Los Angeles

    I was invited to write content for the Social Media Week website, covering six events at Social Media Week Los Angeles, June 2018. Here’s my write-ups…   “Post With Purpose” To Achieve Results With Instagram Food52, an independent digital food publisher, began as an effort to create the very first crowdsourced cookbook in… Read more

What is content marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), ‘Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately, drive profitable customer action.’ This is a great definition because it helps frame the goals of content marketing, which can include building awareness, lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention. It also highlights the strategic importance of content marketing as a way to drive sales. After all, we’re all in business to sell something, aren’t we?… Read more

LinkedIn Free Accounts and Premium Subscriptions

  ‘Do I need a paid for LinkedIn account?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive during training sessions… so I thought it was about time to put down the answers in a blog! If you don’t have time to read on, the answer is No. There’s plenty you can do with… Read more

Social media and GDPR

  Disclaimer: GDPR is a very large and complex piece of legislation, and I am not a legal practitioner. The following information has been reviewed by a law firm and is correct on the date of publication (10th April 2018). You should seek your own legal counsel for any specific requirements. What is GDPR? The General Data… Read more

Three ways to get more followers on Twitter

While audience size isn’t everything, it does matter if you want your content to be shared online. Here’s three ways to get more followers on Twitter. 1) Tell people you are on Twitter! If you have a website, make sure you’ve got a link on there to your Twitter account. If you have a LinkedIn… Read more

What are hashtags and how to use them

  Hashtags might sound complicated, but they are actually really simple. You don’t need to apply for one, you just need to add the # symbol in front of a word or group of words. Hashtags were first used on Twitter, in 2007; now you can use them on most social media platforms. It’s the… Read more