LinkedIn Free Accounts and Premium Subscriptions

  ‘Do I need a paid for LinkedIn account?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive during training sessions… so I thought it was about time to put down the answers in a blog! If you don’t have time to read on, the answer is No. There’s plenty you can do with… Read more

Social media and GDPR

  Disclaimer: GDPR is a very large and complex piece of legislation, and I am not a legal practitioner. The following information has been reviewed by a law firm and is correct on the date of publication (10th April 2018). You should seek your own legal counsel for any specific requirements. What is GDPR? The General Data… Read more

9 best books for entrepreneurs

The social media planner has been listed by the Independent online as one of the 9 best books for entrepreneurs!        

Three ways to get more followers on Twitter

While audience size isn’t everything, it does matter if you want your content to be shared online. Here’s three ways to get more followers on Twitter. 1) Tell people you are on Twitter! If you have a website, make sure you’ve got a link on there to your Twitter account. If you have a LinkedIn… Read more

What are hashtags and how to use them

  Hashtags might sound complicated, but they are actually really simple. You don’t need to apply for one, you just need to add the # symbol in front of a word or group of words. Hashtags were first used on Twitter, in 2007; now you can use them on most social media platforms. It’s the… Read more

Twitter lists

  What is a Twitter list? A list is essentially a curated feed of a limited number of accounts. They are a great way to make a newsfeed more manageable. Here’s a few examples of lists you could use: Competitors Clients Prospective clients Colleagues Go-to experts Journalists Industry bodies / professional associations Event attendees (most… Read more

Social media dos and don’ts

  Social media users are currently spending just over 2 hours each day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. About 80% of that time happens on mobile. For many, use of LinkedIn is more likely to be once or twice a week, rather than daily. But that’s an ‘average’ statistic, and it doesn’t include the amount… Read more

Social authority: what it is and why it matters.

  What is social authority? Basically, it’s a scale that measures your influence online. The more influential you are, the higher your social authority score. It is not a measure of audience size, it’s about how much attention your social media content is getting. Klout and Kred are two tools (free) for measuring social authority and… Read more

Do you know what information you are sharing with your LinkedIn network?

  Understanding the privacy and settings of your LinkedIn profile brings a new level of confidence to using the platform. Before making any updates to your LinkedIn profile make sure you have the ‘sharing profile edits’ setting switched off.  You don’t need to make your network aware of every change you’re making. Login to your… Read more

Why it’s time to give up predicting marketing trends in 2018

  Guest post for Global Marketing Alliance Every year, I check out the industry press round-ups of trend predictions. Most mention some new technology, technology that will ‘come of age’, how we should focus on the customer, how to make better use of data and how the role of the marketer will change. Predictable predictions!… Read more