Social Media Consultancy Sessions

Strategic and Practical Support and Advice

Luan Wise

Relax! It’s Only Social Media

If you’ve been posting on social media for a while, but you’re not getting the results you hoped for, let’s talk through your approach and take you to the next level.

Maybe you’re not sure which of the various platforms will work for your business. Perhaps you struggle with knowing what to say.

Are you able to look at your data and find actionable insights?

This is a one-off session, either as a team or individually, which will enable you to gain the tools you need to take your social media marketing to new heights!

A social media consultancy session could cover:

  • Understanding what success would look like
  • Identifying your ideal customer and how best to reach them via social media
  • Reviewing your existing social media account set-up
  • Content ideas
  • Useful tools for content creation and social media management
  • Social media measurement and reporting
  • Practical ‘how to’ demonstrations

After the session I’ll provide you with a recording, a summary of our discussion and some notes to advise you on next steps and further resources.

All consultancy is currently delivered online at a date and time that works for you.

If you’re looking for a longer-term level of support for your social media, I offer help on a retainer basis. Please submit your enquiry.

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