If you’re feeling overwhelmed by social media, you’re now in the right place to find focus and get results.

Relax! It’s Only Social Media won the National Indie Excellence Award and has only five star reviews on Amazon.

Following its success I created the Social Media Planner as the practical guide for implementing the know-how shared in the book. The Independent has listed it as 1 of 9 best books for entrepreneurs.

If you scroll down you can find everything you need to create a social media plan and make it happen. Writing things down works. Checking tasks off a list creates habits and gets results. Whatever format you prefer to work with – whether it’s a desk diary, desk pad, workbook or spreadsheet there’s an item in my online shop for you.


Thanks to your books and online resources we have been able to understand exactly what it is that we are doing that works and so improve on it week-by-week.

I read your book over Christmas as I needed inspiration and guidance to be able to formulate a social media marketing plan.
Working through your books and worksheets to produce a tailor-made social media plan meant that we revisited everything that we had ever done or thought about our product and our customers. We reflected on everything that we did and how best to market ourselves to drive qualified leads to our website and then through to emails. We recognised our ‘sales funnel’. We learned what platforms to focus on to reach our audience.
The results have been just great. There are many stats that demonstrate our plan has worked, profile views on LinkedIn, followers on Facebook etc, but the bottom line is just that. We are now well on the way to having achieved what we set out to do in January. 
Peter Hayes, IH Manchester