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Clients I’ve worked with…
Clients I’ve worked with…
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Hi, Luan! I just finished the course you taught: B2B Foundations: Social Media Marketing and wanted to say that it was such a helpful course. I think you gave really valuable and relevant information. I just started working as a social media manager at a B2B company and found it challenging to market because I am more familiar with B2C. I wanted to say thank you for your help you answered many questions I had!

Lori Sharabani

I have been fortunate enough to attend many social media courses run by Luan and have always come away armed with ideas and strategies to move my business forward. Recently I was lured to Switzerland by a large financial services company so I asked Luan for her help to devise a LinkedIn strategy which would get me off to a flying start! I’m now based in Basel and so grateful to Luan for her help – my business is already flourishing and without her intuitive advice and training I would genuinely have struggled to get things off the ground. Not only has she made a huge impact on my business but we also had a lot of fun along the way. Thank you Luan.

Karen Hine, Associate Wealth Consultant, deVere Group

Luan explains the [social media] subject in a clear and well-prepared manner, all levels of social media practitioner, from rank novice to experienced user, will come away with significantly more knowledge and tools to help improve their social media outputs.

Stewart Wardrop, Chief Executive Officer, Arboricultural Association

I have always engaged with social media at a distance, mostly because I didn’t understand how best to use the platforms important to my work and professional development.
In less than twenty minutes, Luan had taken the fear out of it, with some simple but effective strategies to allow me to use these platforms to both inform and promote health professions education and research.
Her engaging and professional style is reassuring and pragmatic. A real learning encounter!

Aileen Barrett, PhD, Health Professions Education Consultant, Ireland

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