How to write a great marketing plan

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Writing a marketing plan is often overlooked because it seems a simple task. I spoke to Molly Raycraft at B2B Marketing about why it requires more than a half-hearted effort.

When it comes to planning, Luan Wise is somewhat of an anomaly – in that she actually enjoys it. “It’s my favourite part of marketing because it gives me time to think,” she says. “You often don’t get to do that on a day-to-day basis when you’re busy checking emails and hitting deadlines.”

Particularly with big projects, marketers are under immense pressure to get things off the ground. The board have all eyes on marketing’s activities and want the end result now. So it’s no surprise that many give a half-hearted attempt on their marketing plan so they can get on with scrambling to the finish line. Taking a tick-box approach, the exercise often results in either a colossal dose of oversights or a large amount of waffle. This is exactly why Luan believes you need to slow down and ensure you have a proper plan before lift off.

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