I know my website has a stack of course information and useful resources, but sometimes you just need someone by your side to help make it happen, right?

Whenever you’re learning or working with me, you’re in safe hands. I am a Fellow grade member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM), have achieved and maintained Chartered Marketer status each year since 2012. This means I have made a commitment to keep my professional skills up-to-date and that I comply with a professional code of conduct.

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If you or your team need a fresh pair of eyes on your marketing plan, an independent audit of your social media activity, help with content planning, perhaps a short-term extra pair of hands for a project that’s been stuck on your to-do list or some skills training, I can help. Below you can see just a few ways we could work together.

If you’re looking for some personalised guidance to build your personal brand or market your one-person business, go here.

We will spend half a day together looking at your current marketing activity and discuss what changes you could make.

We’ll also talk about your target customers and how you will measure success.

If you don’t yet have a marketing plan, we’ll also work through the steps to put one together.

Following the session, I’ll send a summary report, links to further resources and up to one-hour additional email/telephone support for further questions/clarification.

A social media audit is a great way to determine if your current activity is hitting the mark, or if there are things you need to change in order to reach your business goals.

I will review your profile set-up, audit your social media activity and research your key competitors to determine what social media platforms you should prioritise, make recommendations for changes you could make to your profiles and content, and work with you to prepare a reporting format that will measure what matters to your business.

According to American author Seth Godin, “Content Marketing is the only marketing that’s left”. Great content is also the key to success for getting results with social media.

If you would like help with your content marketing, from researching your competitors, creating a content inventory, setting up content curation, and planning your editorial calendar, let’s meet for a white board and post-it note session.

Following the session, I’ll send a summary report, links to further resources and can provide additional support if you need help to make it happen.

If you’re looking for senior manager/director level marketing resource for a project that’s stuck on your task list, I can help. Whether it’s setting a project plan, writing briefs or carrying out research, I can hit the ground running to help you achieve your objectives and get the job done.

You can read more about some of the projects I have worked on, here.

If you’re looking for in-house training to improve your marketing skills, get in touch.

I can bring any public event (listed here) to your offices, or provide an agenda bespoke to your own needs.

Breakfast bites, lunch ‘n’ learn, webinars, half-day or full-day workshop sessions are all options depending on your budget and location.

Are you a marketer in a team of one?

Are you a senior marketer wanting to bounce ideas off a peer?

Are you a business owner/manager with responsibility for marketing, but no real marketing experience?

If you’re looking for a long-term advisor who really understands your business and can provide both reactive and proactive support let’s discuss an ongoing retainer where we can email and meet regularly (face-to-face or via Skype). Many clients retain my services following a marketing activity review or social media audit to help build their business and get results.

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