Relax! It’s Only Social Media – IH Manchester Case Study

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I recently met up with Peter Hayes from the IH Manchester Football Academy. He shared with me the impact of my book, ‘Relax! It’s Only Social Media’.

Established in 2006, the IH Manchester Football Academy offers a full range of football education and coaching programmes, showcase days, professional player assessments and trial opportunities. The programmes combine professional football training, academic learning and trial/exposure opportunities, putting students in the best position to develop their game and showcase talent to professional club scouts and coaches.

As Peter explains in the video (above), we first met a few years ago, at a LinkedIn Workshop. When Peter’s business faced a huge challenge, he searched for my website and purchased a copy of my book.

He followed the book step-by-step to create his own social media plan, defining key messages to drive content relevant to the target audience. Within the required time frame (six months), the business challenge was resolved and IH Manchester Football Academy replaced a key client. The plan included a core focus on the importance of consistent storytelling. Starting with understanding the ‘why’ of helping young people to recognise their potential and trying to achieve their dreams, IH Manchester could define their customer’s problems and address the issues coming from the potential student and their influencers (parents and coaches). It was important that these messages were shared by all employees within the business; not just by marketing activity. When we met Peter also shared that they have noticed fewer enquiries coming into the academy, although they are all now from people who know exactly why they want to buy… which is great!

Putting this story into his own words, Peter said:

“I read your book as I needed inspiration and guidance to be able to formulate a social media marketing plan. Working through your books and worksheets to produce a tailor-made social media plan meant that we revisited everything that we had ever done or thought about our product and our customers. We reflected on everything that we did and how best to market ourselves to drive qualified leads to our website and then through to emails. We recognised our ‘sales funnel’. We learned what platforms to focus on to reach our audience. The results have been just great. There are many stats that demonstrate our plan has worked, profile views on LinkedIn, followers on Facebook etc, but the bottom line is just that. We are now well on the way to having achieved what we set out to do in January. Thanks to your books and online resources we have been able to understand exactly what it is that we are doing that works and so improve on it week-by-week.”


If you have a similar story to share, having followed advice from my book, planner or a workshop – please get in touch!

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