Free Resources

LinkedIn Challenge

A free email course to get your LinkedIn profile in shape.

Instagram Challenge

A free email course to help you leverage the power of Instagram.

Twitter Challenge

A free email course to help you get results from using Twitter. Includes how to set up Twitter lists.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint offers free online courses.

Relax! It's Only Social Media

Download the first chapter of my award-winning book, free.

Content Audit Template

Audit your existing content with this free spreadsheet template.

A-Z of Content Types

Download this free A-Z guide to the different types of content you can create.

Buyer Persona Template

Creating buyer personas to better understand your target audience? Download this template.

Social media plan template

The one-page social media plan template, as outlined in my book and planner.

Twitter Template

Preparing content for Twitter? Download this helpful free template.

Key Dates January 2019

Key Dates and Awareness Days, January 2019