I’ve helped businesses – large and small – to find new business opportunities and to get their messages out to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.

From marketing manager roles to consultancy projects and training, I help make marketing activity be as planned, focused and effective as possible.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Most organisations focus on ‘filling the funnel’ with new opportunities, forgetting to look at existing customers. I worked with a telecoms company to map existing customers against their range of products. We identified opportunities to up-sell/cross-sell additional products and developed a series of email campaigns. Followed up by the in-house telemarketing team, the company successfully generated new business and increased their ‘one-stop support’ for customers.


  • Some debate the value of LinkedIn Groups but when you know the audience and what pain points you are looking for, you can find opportunities. I have successfully identified relevant groups, found discussions and identified prospects for HR consultants, event organisers and product manufacturers.


  • Over time a business creates a mountain of marketing collateral. A content audit can be a great way to review current assets and identify ways to re-focus your marketing approach. As part of ONEPOST’s rebrand we looked at 5 years of marketing material, how they were being used within the business alongside what information customers and prospects needed. Working with a graphic designer and print production specialist, I re-designed material to work harder, reducing costs at the same time.


  • Does the name of your product ‘fit’ with your business? I helped to rename a suite of office products to reflect their role within a business. From ‘Uno’, ‘Duo’ and ‘Trio’ to ‘The Apprentice’, ‘The Office Champion’ and ‘The Boss’; the Office Coffee Company saw sales increase as the product names strengthened the mission for business professionals to enjoy coffee shop quality drinks without leaving the office.


  • Don’t know what to say on social media? Before you say anything, you need to know which platform/s to use and what objectives you’re hoping to achieve. With some customer research and competitor review, I have helped organisations determine the best strategic fit for social media within their business and to build a social media messaging plan that works.


  • From concept to capacity in six months. Picture My Property offers photography to estate agents and property owners across Gloucestershire. A niche business that needed help with a focused plan to build a prospect database which was then used for personal visits and direct marketing (post and email).


  • Listening to customers is hugely important, so why not ask them to live test your website and record their actions/comments? Following a detailed website review, competitor comparisons and other industry research I can develop a series of tasks for independent user-testing. A great idea for all business; this helps to prioritise important changes to copy and functionality that you might just be too close to spot.


  • When you have a product or a service that can be used/accessed by multiple target audiences, the key to having a successful website is signposting. For educational establishments and online retailers I have helped to define target audience characteristics, and worked with a graphic designer to create a website homepage that clearly signposts visitors to the information they need. It’s a win-win – users receive a greater experience and organisation benefit from being able to manage and measure against clearly defined user journeys.


And these are some of the amazing clients I have worked with:

BPE Solicitors
The Bituchem Group
The Growth Hub
Campden BRI
Chapel Spa Cheltenham
Parlane International
Exeter University
Royal Mail
Picture My Property
Office Coffee Co
University of Cambridge
Homerton College, Cambridge
University of Gloucestershire
Latcham Direct
Pharmacy Management
University of West England
Murray Edwards
St John’s College, University of Cambridge
Modern Media
The Big Word
Label Solutions
Creative Mettle
Leading Resolutions
Business Link