Welcome to my blog

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Social Media News and Actionable Insights

Welcome to my blog

As a life-longer learner I’m an avid reader, taking in new information from a variety of sources every day. On my social media profiles, and in this blog, I share best practice advice for social media marketing – industry news, planning tips and how to use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

LinkedIn Tips

How to get the most from your LinkedIn channel.

What’s the point of a LinkedIn company page?

  LinkedIn Company Pages. Yes, all business should have one... but they also need to understand and define their role for doing so. I see just three key benefits of Company Pages. Employees When employees link their profile to their employer it allows me to find out more. If I'm on an employee's profile page, I can take a look…

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Why I switch LinkedIn endorsements off!

  LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements - by the far the biggest subject discussion in any LinkedIn seminar or in-house training session! LinkedIn skills are an important factor in your profile getting found. Anyone searching for a new business contact, supplier or employee will be using skill-related keywords. Therefore, if skills are going to help my profile get found, it's essential…

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The only way to make connections on LinkedIn

    I really value the connections in my network. I rarely add anyone that I haven’t met face-to-face or had ongoing dialogue with via social media, email or telephone. I frequently respond to anonymous LinkedIn connection requests with a message that goes something like this… …………. Thank you for the invitation to connect. I don’t think we have met…

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